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Your Views Matter  

Contribute Towards the Formulation of a Holistic National Policy on Industry 4.0

Duration: August 14, 2017 To October 17, 2017

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the combination of the internet with a new ability to directly control the physical world, including the machines, factories and infrastructure that define the modern landscape” - World Economic Forum, 2016

Increasingly, we are witnessing the connectivity between the cyber and physical worlds, optimising industrial productivity and efficiency and accelerating the becoming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As Malaysia embarks upon its journey in joining the global trend of Industry 4.0, we would like to engage you on your take of Industry 4.0. Your feedback/inputs will contribute towards the formulation of a national holistic policy on Industry 4.0.

Please let us know what you think are the main challenges for Malaysian industries to move towards adoption of Industry 4.0, your proposals for Industry 4.0 initiatives in Malaysia, what can the Government do to further encourage Industry 4.0 adoption and what is your vision of Industry 4.0 in Malaysia?

Any other views on how we can carry the Industry 4.0 agenda forward is also appreciated.

For enquiries, kindly contact:

Ms. Alia Md Salleh
Principal Assistant Director
Sectoral Policy Division
Email : 4IR@miti.gov.my

Consultation Summary

Title Contribute Towards the Formulation of a Holistic National Policy on Industry 4.0
Description Public Consultation on Industry 4.0
Dates From August 14, 2017 to October 17, 2017
Status Closed
Division In-Charge Public Consultation
Category Public Consultation

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